Monday, April 5, 2010

in Austin

Austin! I am so grateful for your playful radio stations, your delicious inspiring foods, and so so much more!  Thank you for being an open invitation for me to experience life outside of my self-made India.  You put me in the driver's seat of a rental car and of my own personal mobile think tank. 

I sang along loudly to your fun radio stations and allowed myself to listen to country music stations as I was driving the back roads, it seemed fitting!

My travel mug kept taking the car's cupholder with it, everytime that I picked it up for a sip.  This made me giggle like a school girl getting tickled everytime that it happened.  Nice respite for when doubtful, fearful thoughts emerged in my mobile think tank.

Your restaurants overwhelmed my tastebuds with flavor and my body with nourishment.

 Avocado Sandwich from
 Raw Chalupas from
Amazing treats from Texas based company  Their macaroons are to die for too! SOOOOOO Delicious!  Request your local heath food store to carry them!  I am so going to!

You may not have a beach, Austin, but you sure do have a nice patch of water and path to enjoy!  I even spotted sand volleyball there!

Ahhh!  Austin! This is just a brief bit of what you showed me!  I will be back!

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  1. There has always been something that has drawn me towards Austin...I've never even visited and know no one there and yet I've always wanted to go there. something tells me it is everything I would love...cycling...the river food and I know I need to make a trip and see if it fulfills the yearning!